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What Are The Benefits Of Working With You As Opposed To My In-House Team?

This is what we do for a living! This is why when it comes to impressing clients or investors, appealing to your target market, or just bringing everyone to the same page, experienced developers and high-profile architects and real estate professionals choose 3D Arc Design for their 3D rendering needs. 

How Long Does It Take To Create A 3d Architectural Rendering?

In short, it depends! Considering whether you will provide us with a prototype 3D rendering, 2D blueprint, or just CADs, as well as other factors such as the number of snapshots you want and your expected degree of involvement in the process, it may take anywhere between one week to  six weeks. For a more accurate estimate please contact us. 

How Does Your Rendering Process Work?

The process consists of stages which are typically determined in collaboration with the client. The 3D rendering process usually involves a proposal round, wherein we note all technical and procedural requirements with the client, a series of preview renderings are then prepared and reviewed with the client. 

Can You Work With My 3D Model? Is This Helpful?

Although starting off with 3D models makes our job a lot easier, this approach still requires a significant amount of input from our technicians. This is because most software used by architects and engineers is more focused on engineering practicalities than aesthetic appeal.

That said, we often work with models that are developed for engineering software such as Revit and Rhino and are less accustomed to architectural tools such as Sketch-Up and Archi-CAD. 

How Many Rounds Of Revisions Do I Have Before The Final Renderings?

Once again, the answer is it depends!  While most jobs require no more than two revisions, on occasion we consult clients for further input. Nevertheless, fewer revisions can suffice for clients looking to reduce rendering costs. Please keep in mind that this option is largely dependent on the very nature of the project and the maturity of the design as provided to us. Naturally,

early stage designs require more touch points and therefore more revisions. Regardless, we provide our clients with a more accurate figure regarding the number of required revisions after the initial project revision.

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